#20 Gregory Maguire “What-the-dickens: The Story Of A Rogue Tooth Fairy”

So, #20 goes to “What-the-dickens: The story of a rogue tooth fairy”.  It is written by Gregory Maguire, author of Wicked.  To be honest, I thought that it would be something akin to Wicked (adult version of an old fairytale).  I was maybe two decades too old to read this book.  But I did.  It was a pleasant story that should have been read by a tween.  If you have a pre-teen kid, pick it up for them.  If you have time []

The Strain Trilogy #18-19 (Aug 14, 2014)

I just wrapped up The Night Eternal by Chuck Hogan and Guillermo del Toro. It is the third book in The Strain trilogy (the second being The Fall).  It is quite an interesting take on vampires, their origins and their eventual destruction.  I genuinely loved the series (though I think it could have been shortened to two books).  It was centered in NYC and throughout the telling of the story, I could envision the conflict, drama and run-ins, as I was familiar []

Ice Bucket Challenge and ALS Education

In recent weeks, my newsfeed has been filled with several Ice Bucket Challenges to raise money for ALS research.  I have watched the people I know and friends-of-friends become overly animated once the cold water and ice sinks through their clothes and douses their skin.  Most of the videos have been entertaining.  In recent months, there were a number of fire departments in our area (WV that is) who took on the Cold Water Challenge, this phenom spread through fire and police []

I fought the law and the law won…

So, I went to traffic court today.  I was the recipient of a ticket I thought I may be able to talk my way around.  My court time allowed me to not miss work, just go right after.  At my job, I am allowed to wear t shirts.  So, I felt a little self conscious that I had one on…until I walked in.  There was a girl in a bathing suit with a coverup over it.  That is it.  There was a []

TV: Where Does The Good Go…

Before I even put this blog to print, I would like to just thank Sandra Oh for bringing to life a character I have loved for ten years.  She was bold, blunt and amazing.  For that, for Christina Yang, I say thank you. Now, on to my thoughts regarding her exit from the show…  Peace out Yang. When I first read about the eminent exit of Sandra Oh from Grey’s Anatomy, I was terribly saddened. After thinking about it, I realized it []


Wow. As of today, over 40,000 people have clicked on my blog. Just, wow. Thank you. Every one of you. Ciao

Huntington Health Revolution 5k

2014-05-03 Huntington Health Revolution 5k (I am behind the stroller – you can laugh later) The race had an 8:00 start time.  We were able to arrive at 7:15 and have more than enough time to amble around Pullman Square.  The race was a little disorganized in that people did not know where to register or where the starting line would be.  There were no volunteers in the area of Pullman Square to direct the stragglers on where to go.  I had []

Fortis Et Fidelis (Brave and Faithful)

Fortis Et Fidelis. Those are the words over the arch in Ritter Park, Huntington, WV.  On March 29th, I ran the Lucky Charms Glitter Run and we made our halfway turn around the archway.  The saying translates in English to: Brave and Faithful.  I like that.  I like that a lot.  At the end of the race, the winners were presented with their medals and a box of cereal.  That is unique.  Every race has their thing.  This one was sugar coated []

I Am A Victim Of My Circumstances (or) How I Survived My First Half Marathon

This blog will be long, self-serving and all about running in New York City.  If you have issues with any of those, just move along to the next post….  Oh, you’re still reading?  Well, ok then, continue at your own risk. On March 15th, I was able to say that the longest run I had ever taken in my life was seven miles.  March 16th, surrounded by friends (both old and new), I participated in the 2014 NYC Half Marathon.  I never []

India Black #17

So I read the book India Black.  It was not that bad.  Espionage.  A madam of the local brothel is drawn in.  Was an easy read. Now I have the other books in The Strain Trilogy and the GOT books to get to….