Morning Journal: Sit Quiet. Look Pretty.

I hate being overwhelmingly disappointed. Yesterday I was told during a backhanded compliment that I needed to use (paraphrasing) softer tones with the men I interact with for my job because “men take direction from other men better just like women take it better from other women”.  I spoke up and disagreed, though it mattered little. Sitting at my current desk I have been told by more than one man to “smile” as they passed my office while I was working.  It []

Sports: 31 Aug 1973 Man (8) vs Oak Hill (19)

Our first game in 1973 was an away game against the Man Hillbillies.  Oak Hill won with a score of 8-19. 01 Sep 1973, Sat, The Charleston Daily Mail, Score Recap Pg 3: Register Herald 1 Sep 1973 Pg 3:   Because this is an away game, our player roster was not noted in the program.  I took the liberty to copy it from a later game: The three key pages from the program are the cover, their team photo and their []