WV: Oak Hill High School (1928-29)

This will be a massively long blog. I have found the first Acorn published from the “new building” of Oak Hill High School (Fayette County, West Virginia) from 1929. This would be the School Street, Oak Hill, WV location. I have cut out some pages with caricatures, staff and a few other miscellaneous pages (it is over 100 pages otherwise).

I hope you enjoy the read, I sure enjoyed putting it together!

1928-29 History of Collins High School, Oak Hill (Fayette) WV

The high school publication is called The Log. It made it’s first appearance as Volume I, Number I, November 2, 1925 under the sponsorship of Miss Rene Massey, now Mrs. R. Kelly. The name of the football team of this school is “The Red Devils”.

Mr. O.O. Crawford was the first superintendent of the combined graded and high school in Oak Hill. The first high school work was offered in 1904. Mr. Crawford headed up the school system until 1907. He was then succeeded by R.R. Stuart, who held the position for only one year. Next came S.M. Archer, who remained on the job until 1915. When Mr Archer left, G.E. Rhodes assumed the job of superintendent of Oak Hill schools and held it until 1934. W.H. Walker served as principle from 1924-1930.

In the year 1927-28 the Board of Education erected a new high school building in Oak Hill on School Street. The new structure provided thirty classrooms and had an auditorium with a seating capacity in excess of one thousand. It was a modern high school of the highest grade. It was occupied at the opening of the fall term in 1928. This building served its purpose until the community growth and area development called for larger high school facilities. In 1947, Collins High School would be built. But that is another blog…

1929 Oak Hill High School (Fayette County WV) Yearbook:

“The Acorn”

Source: ancestry.com

Senior High

Senior Class Of 1929

Senior Class Motto: “Not a prize without a struggle!”

Class Colors: Red and White

Class Flower: Red Rose

Class Poem:

Here’s to the class of ’29;

The girls are cute and the boys are fine.

The class is large and full of pep

When it comes to studying, what a rep!

Athletes, they are of every string,

The Class that picked the standard ring;

The first to finish in the new OAK HILL HIGH;

The team whose name shall never die.

Whose nickname is the “SALTY DOGS”

It’s they who publish the “ACORN” and the “LOGS”

When “Devils” and “Angels” are on the team,

They were forced on to VICTORY by the

cheering squads’ scream.



Junior High


Eighth Grade

Seventh Grade


Additional Pages

There were a number of clubs and civic activities. If you have a family member who attended and is noted above, I would be more than happy to scroll through to see if they belonged to any of those activities, just let me know in the comments. Also, I am not posting ALL of the ads in the back, just ones that stick out from the Oak Hill area.

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