Research: Mason County WV Library (Point Pleasant)

I made my way over to the Point Pleasant branch of the Mason County (WV) Public Library to see what they have as far as genealogy research. What a great place to add to my resource list!

Their website:

Online resources:

Location: Point Pleasant (Mason County), West Virginia
Photo by: Michelle Seletyn Dolin

Point Pleasant (Main Branch) of the Mason County (WV) libraries.

Address: 508 Viand Street, Point Pleasant, WV

Phone: 304.675.0894   

Hours: Monday – Friday 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Resources noted on their website:

Computer Services: Internet access for job searches, research, online classes, social networking. Programs for writing papers, resumes, letters, creating presentations, charts, etc.

Black & White Computer Print-outs:  $.15 per page

Black & White Copies:  $.25 each

Fax Services: Sending & Receiving — $1 per page

WiFi Hotspot: Free access to wireless Internet

Notary Services: A Notary Public is present during all hours of operation. Notarization is free, but proof of identity is required.

When you walk through the doors (as seen in the picture above and then through the second set of entrance doors) you will see the Librarian’s Desk in front of you. At the end of the counter on the right there is a door that opens into the genealogy room.

It is a good-sized room with adequate table space and seating.

In the right-hand corner of the room you will see a set of filing cabinets and the microfiche files. The filing cabinet includes family history files.

Family History Files
Point Pleasant (Mason County) Public Library
Photo by Michelle Seletyn Dolin

The microfiche files carry an extensive catalog of Point Pleasant newspapers.

Included in the microfiche files are:

  • Census Data Mason County WV 1810-1930
  • Citizen 1933-1939
  • Mason County News 1945-1948
  • Mason County Journal 1867-1872
  • Mason County Republican 1907-1915
  • Sate Gazette 1932-1946
  • Point Pleasant Register 1870-2010

It costs $0.25 per print out from the reader.

There is an extensive collection of The Virginia Genealogist magazine as well as the West Virginia Quarterly (at least 1960s-1970s on the WV State Dept of Archives quarterlies).

There are stacks (hardcopies) of the Point Pleasant Register from 01 Oct 2010 through current.

They have the West Virginia Blue Books from 1934 through 2011.

I found this set of books to be very interesting:

I plan to make a trip back to search through these records for any of my Scotch-Irish ancestors from Virginia:

I am working to increase my personal collection of West Virginia History books. On a return trip, I plan to dive into these to see if I need to start watching for copies on eBay and Amazon:

I sincerely like this encyclopedia-style set of books on the Civil War:

This library is fully stocked on various catalogs of Civil War history.

I wonder if any of these books contain interesting blog subject matter?

The 1880 Census of West Virginia by County:

There is a large quantity of both family and county history resources at this location.

A beautiful plaque outside of the building.

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