Personal History: 50/50 Learn Some Manners

For the love of all things holy, hone your manners!

If you walk through a door without using your hands to open it, odds are someone is holding it for you. Say thank you.

Sneeze into the crook of your elbow. Nobody wants what you’ve got!

Older person in your presence? Hold their door. Offer them an arm. Ask them how they are doing. And when you ask them how they are doing, actually look them in the face while they tell you.

Is that person wearing a hat noting a branch of the military they served in? Thank them for their service. While looking them in the eye. Preferably while shaking their hand.

Please. Thank you. Your welcome.

If you share an office with someone, eat the tuna you brought for lunch in the office kitchen.

Name not on the pudding cup in the fridge? Did you bring it? Then it is not yours. Don’t be an asshole.

Excuse me = Two words that are not used often enough.

Just be polite.



And for the love of all things holy, hone your manners!

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