Sports: 1960 Oak Hill (WV) Basketball

I had thought that a binder I had from Dad’s house was one of Ma’s old nursing school study binders (she had a number of those).  I even had it on a shelf where I store her old schoolwork.  But my annual “reorganize my library” binge allowed me to reexamine one particular binder and realize it was not what I originally thought.  Keep in mind, when we cleaned Dad’s house prior to selling it, there had been TONS of paperwork, binders and books that dated all the way back to their childhoods and I am now trying to go through tubs and binders and shelves of “random stuff” while trying to figure out their meaning and how to “save it for posterity”.  By “saving” I mean I will scan tons of things, blog about them here and then try to organize them in tubs I can stack in the basement.  For the sports programs, once I have them all memorialized and shared with you good folks, I plan to donate them to Oak Hill Library and WV Culture Archives.  I hate the thought of dismissing my parents’ memories, what they felt was important enough to keep.  However, I get my packrat tendencies honestly and there is too much to have in some small display of memorabilia.  So, to scan, blog and (when possible) donate seems the best way to honor their memories and share their joys with others.

I realized that the binder in question was Dad’s as it is filled with sports programs from VA Tech, WVU and Oak Hill (WV) High School.  These must have been his more prized programs, maybe by date or sentimental memory.  The two programs covered in this particular blog are for the 1960 basketball season of the Collins “Red Devils”.  Both programs are for Collins home games.

Program 1: February 2, 1960 Collins “Red Devils” versus Mount Hope “Mustangs”

Inside the program is my Dad’s chicken scratch where he tallied the score as the game went on.  According to The Raleigh Register (Beckley, WV published 3 Feb 1960, page 8), Mount Hope beat Oak Hill with a score of 71 to 59 (article clipping below).

Program 2: January 19, 1960 Collins “Red Devils” versus Montgomery “Greyhounds”

According to The Raleigh Register (Beckley, Raleigh, West Virginia, Wed, Jan 20, 1960 · Page 6), Montgomery beat Oak Hill with a score of 74 to 53 (article clipping below).

The only thing that changed between the two programs was the title page and the opposing team roster.  Dad did not feel inclined to follow the game with his own tabulations in this particular program.

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