Travel: Roswell, NM

The 2010 Census notes a population of 48,411 people for Roswell, NM – making it the fifth largest city in New Mexico.

Located in Roswell is the New Mexico Military Institute, a military prep school (and randomly the school that Owen Wilson attended), is located there.

Also there is the Walker Aviation Museum, home to memorabilia from the Walker Air Force Base and the Roswell Air Field.  Their website is kind of dated (posts were from last year, wasn’t even sure if it was open).  Their Facebook page was a little more up to date.

But, the real reason I wanted to visit Roswell?  You know the answer…just say it…the ALIENS!

Roswell UFO IncidentThe Roswell UFO Incident refers to events surrounding crash debris found in July, 1947 near Roswell, New Mexico. The Roswell Army Air Field announced it had recovered a “flying disc” but the US military said it was merely a conventional weather balloon. Interest subsequently waned until the late 1970s, when ufologists claimed that extraterrestrial spacecraft had crash-landed near Roswell, and that the military engaged in a cover-up of the incident.

In online newspapers, I was able to find on 6 July 1947 (Sun), the Albuquerque Journal printed articles on their Page 1 regarding disc sightings and the possible cause (Atomic Energy Experiments).

It makes perfect sense that the International UFO Museum and Research Center (114 North Main St.) would be located in Roswell, NM.  From their website: “The International UFO Museum & Research Center at Roswell, New Mexico was organized to inform the public about what has come to be known as “The Roswell Incident.” The Museum is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation dedicated to the collection and preservation of materials and information in written, audio and visual formats that are related to the 1947 Roswell Incident and other unexplained phenomena related to UFO research. The Museum endeavors to be the leading information source in history, science and research about UFO events worldwide. The International UFO Museum’s constituents are committed to gathering and disbursing to all interested parties in the most qualified and up-to-date information available. The corporation is governed by an established Board of Directors and operates through donations, admissions, memberships and gift shop sales.”  On their site, you can also read more about the Roswell Incident.

Time allotted for this museum and surrounding shops: 1 Hour

My pictures from our International UFO Museum visit:

My Dad’s love of all-things-alien led me to realize that no trip “out west” would be complete without a visit to the UFO enthusiasts” mecca: Roswell, NM.  If only there had been a Big Foot sighting here!  (Side Note: There are Big Foot Festivals nationwide. I am mad that I missed the one in Ohio on May 7th.  Fear not, 2019 will see me at that festival!)  All jokes aside, Daddy would have loved this so much!

Also on my Supernatural Bucket List:

  • Extraterrestrial Highway (Nevada)
  • Devil’s Tower (Wyoming)
  • Maury Island (Washington)
  • Bluff Creek (California)

Judge me, I could care less. Ha!

Other pictures of mine from Roswell:

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