Military History: March 1965 edition The Air Reservist

In addition to the numerous other things my Dad collected during his life, there is a number of military items that I found which are real gems of military history.  When Dad left the Air Force, he served as a Reservist.  It is no longer called that, it is now the Air Reserve Command (military friends, you are welcome to correct me if I am wrong on my terminology). He was a Citizen Airman.  For a detailed history, there is book called Citizen Airmen: A History of the Air Reserve, which can be found: HERE.

While an Air Reservist, Dad received the “Official Magazine of the Air Force Reserve”.  If you are a military history buff, they are really interesting to read.  I have a handful of them from 1965.  I plan on posting Dad’s military memorabilia on Saturdays (until I run out of items).  “Service Saturdays” I will think of it.

Here is the March 1965 copy of The Air Reservist, Official Magazine of the Air Reserve Forces.  I hope you enjoy.


Those are the front and back covers.  I would like to draw your attention to the address label on the back cover.  It is addressed to Daddy in Carlisle.  There is no longer a post office in Carlisle, there has not been for decades.

It is really cool to see the help wanted adds posted for the various states.

On Page 9 you will find a West Virginia native, General Walter C Sweeney Jr.  General Sweeney graduated from West Point June 1930.  He took part in the Battle of Midway and later flew B-29s against Japan while serving the 73rd Bomb Wing.

For all of you airplane enthusiasts, there is a great centerfold of the TAC’s fleet of aircraft styles.

I hope you enjoyed the magazine.

Did you serve as an Air Force Reservist?  I would love to hear your story!


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