Genealogy: Chasing Your Own Tale

Family is like music: some high notes, some low notes but always a beautiful song.”

I have been tracing my ancestors back through time for about five years now.  I have had to deconstruct and reconstruct my tree a couple of times, the most recent being last year.  This current tree has been, by far, the best one.  I have taken it more seriously and try very hard not to add “crap info” to my tree just because someone who is related to me added it to their tree (usually people add info on a whim with no verification, because it sounds neat).

Some of my more fun finds:

  • I found a newspaper clipping that quoted my Pawpaw and it was a treasure to me because the article was an interview with him regarding the business of being a shoemaker.  It was as if he reached through time to say hello – this new story, new information that I did not know, made me cry.

  • I giggled like a fiend over a clipping that pointed out my Mawmaw was a speed demon.

  • And there was a never seen before story in the paper of her altruistic nature.

  • There was a newspaper article regarding my Great Uncle who broke a croquet mallet over a neighbor’s head.

  • There was another clipping I found that quoted my Pawpaw regarding a permit to demo a house.  It was the snippet after that quote about how to cook raccoon meat that had me in another fit of giggles!

I was able to trace my roots (on both sides) to Scotland.  Using the information I amassed along the way, I am now a certified member of my family’s clan.  I am still not able to tie in Cherokee roots (although Ma’s side swore that there was a connection).  If I find documentation for that you can expect a HUGE post with details (ha).

I find it fascinating, the tale of my ancestors. I read in awe of accomplishments and chuckle at tales of bad judgement (more of which are there to find than I care to admit).  It has been a wonderful thing, finding out “who I am”.

At a recent book festival, I met a West Virginia children’s book author who had a book on the subject.  I purchased it for my library.  Both the author and the illustrator signed the book for me.

Hopping To America, A Rabbit’s Take Of Immigration.  Amazon synopsis: It’s a Rabbits Tale of immigration from Italy to the United States and landing on Ellis Island to be processed for entry to the USA. The rabbits venture on to Clarksburg, WV, taking their Italian heritage and culture to their new home.

Tomorrow is the monthly meeting of KYOWVA Genealogy and Historical Society. I will be paying my dues and becoming a member.  It is fun to have other people who share the same interest in family research.  I am thankful for my friend Renau, who is also an ancestry freak like me.

I have been distracted this past month and have not been diligent in my research. Hopefully the wintertime blues are out the window with this being the first day of Spring and I can get back to my giggling self as I uncover new treasures that are just waiting in the old newspapers.

Have you researched your family tree?  Did you find anything surprising?  Let me know in the comments below.

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