Journal: Morning Feb 26, 2018

I have started a BuJo (Bullet Journal).  It really isn’t a journal as much as a small desk calendar.  I am organizing things using a color coding and tracking important things (like the blogs I post).  Some days I feel as if I have not accomplished goals that I have set for myself.  At least with this BuJo laying next to my computer, I can see that I am plugging away at least one blog post per day.  It is easy right now because I am working on Oscar blogs.

Last year I worked on the Movie aspect of it.  This year I am trying to tackle other parts of the Oscars.  I am glad that I have.  The documentaries that I have watched are, although overwhelming in nature, are amazingly educational.  They have devastated my heart while opening my eyes.

My goal with the BuJo is to set aside time, specific slots, to do things during the week.  I used to have a routine.  I used to be really good at that routine.  I am not sure what happened.

This is also the week I start running again.  Baby steps, mind you, but running.  In three weeks I will have my first 5k in a year and a half.  I used the rowing machine this morning.  I need to find my AM Yoga video with Rodney Ye.  Baby steps.

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