Journal: Throwback Post From Facebook

Originally posted to Facebook Notes: 2010-04-01 My LIfe In 15 Minute Short Stories

Story #124

I was working for a company in Long Island that decided to hire a person for the HR Department and although I was resistant at first, she would later become my mentor and now – six or seven years later, I am still proud to call Brigid my friend.

When she first arrived at the office I thought that I would inundate her with all that I knew of the people who surrounded us – the dirty secrets, the people to watch for, the ones to suck up to, etc. She once asked me if people ALWAYS came to me with such intimate details of their life. At that time I told her that I was not sure what it was about me but people did reveal themselves in a way that was not considered normal, especially people who I did not even know. It has been a running joke in my life, the stories told to me by virtual strangers. That very afternoon we were walking to the Bodega on the corner, there was a new guy working the deli. As Brigid walked around the store and made her way back to the deli where I was ordering a sandwich, she hears “But you are beautiful, please marry me. I can take care of you in all ways. There could be passion like never before. But really, marry me.” Followed with, “PLEASE tell me your name so I know who it is my heart belongs to.” I looked at Brigid, smiled, looked back to the deli worker and said, “Brigid. My name is Brigid and this is my friend Michelle.” As I gestured to Brigid we both broke into giggles and headed for the checkout.

As we left the store in hysterics and with no reprimand for my little stunt, I realized that this lady had the makings of someone I could have adventures with. She did not disappoint.

Be on the lookout for the story about Harriet and our scrambling to get food out of the garbage cans, that one is a classic.

Until next time.



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