Theater: #Throwback Community Theater Radio T.B.S. (Trailer park Broadcasting Scandals)

This blog was originally published on 2010-07-22.  When I returned home to WV from NY, I quickly reintroduced myself to Community Theater.  I loved it with my whole heart.  It always gave me a sense of “family” to be able to coordinate and work with a group of people like that for a single project, a labor of love.  Historic Fayette Theater in Fayetteville, WV has always been a home away from home for me.



HFT’s summer production “Radio T.B.S.“ to debut

The Historic Fayette Theater is proud to present our summer production “Radio T.B.S. (Trailerpark Broadcasting Scandals)” beginning Friday, July 23 at 8:00 pm.

The play is a touching comedy about the frailties and idiosyncrasies of the human condition – honey, if you only knew! Radio hostesses Vesta Poteet (Cathy Teubert) and Dixie Mandrell (Jan Neal) bring to you the comings and goings in and around The Luna Del Mar Manufactured Home Oasis. Sugar, if it weren’t for gossip, these gals wouldn’t have a thing to talk about! And what a jumpin’ place this trailer park is! There’s a visit to Graceland from rovin’ reporter Missy Goode (Cindy White) and her unfortunate arrest by the security guards; there’s the upcoming Miss Manatee beauty contest, if forced contestant Mayola Felts (Katie Neil) can stop eatin’ everything she can get her hands on; there’s the Heart of Dixie Advice for the Lovelorn and Addicted; how ‘bout a subscription to the “Gone with the Wind” collectors series of plates with Scarlet O’Hara looking like Ernest Borgnine in drag – a bitter disappointment.

But the biggest celebration at Luna Del Mar, penicillin capital of central Florida, is “Jesus and Elvis; A Tribute to the Kings,” a little nativity mixed with some rock ‘n’ roll. So it’s not the holidays, but in honor of Elvis, a drive-by nativity is planned with headlights to be beamed on the annual tableau – low headlights, PLEASE! If you think that this Kings’ tribute runs smoothly, you’ll also believe that teased hair is a thing of the past!

“Radio T.B.S. (Trailer park Broadcasting Scandals)” was written by Mark Landon Smith (“Faith County,” “Evening of Culture“). It’s funny. Need to hear more? Its cast includes Dixie and Vesta, hard-hittin’ radio investigative reporters out to make your business theirs; Mary Eunice (Skye Garvin), a Sunday-school director on a mission who has a dark secret; Harleen (Alex Richardson), a gambler with a surprise up her sleeve and it ain’t cards; Alveeta (Becky Reese), star-maker if she can keep her prospects out of prison; Pauleen (Janice Wiseman), stage momma with large plans for her daughter; Madge (Joy Farrish), who doesn’t know the meanin’ of “anonymous” and ain’t about to look it up; and Imogene (Michelle Rodriguez), belly-dancin’ instructor and plastic lawn flamingo choreographer who (you guessed it) has a dark secret…

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