Old Journal Entries 2017-01-11

Ever so often, I will come across a poem in my old journals that I giggle at and because it is so far removed in years, I wonder – What in THE hell was my train of thought on this one…

The Constant Lover

Out upon it! I have loved three whole days together:

And am like to love three more if it prove fair weather.

~Sir John Suckling


“I burn for you.” ~ Sting, Brimstone & Treacle

“…and I think to myself, what a wonderful world.” ~Louis Armstrong

“My Shangri la, I can’t forget why you were mine.  I need you now.” ~Gerrard McMann


I must have been pining for someone and my feelings were hurt because of it.

Then there was a personal journal entry:


Mass hysteria, confusion, mania. The world is a hopeless place, dog-eat-dog, delusions of grandeur, crazed drowning people reaching furiously to grab hold, only taking more people down…

Yes, I read the news.

Glad to see some things never change.


Kitty Hawk, my picture 2016-Nov


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