#205 #48in48 #MorningParagraph

Look at that, I am actually writing the Monday morning paragraph on Monday morning!  I feel as if this is going to be a different year. I cannot place my finger on what it is. There are a lot of things that changed for me in 2016, the loss of Dad and my surgery being huge tics on that list. This year will be closing the door to a number of things. Dad’s house will hopefully be coming out of probate and we will sell it shortly after. I am finally seeing progress on getting my house I sold two years ago out of my name. The hassles with that are a pain in the butt. Today I will drive to discuss some things with the nice lady who purchased the place – to see my childhood home changed to suit someone else will be difficult but necessary. I have Dad’s cremains on a shelf in my library.  We will have an official burial on his birthday in May. A lot of finality, a lot of wrapping up and moving on. All healthy, all good progress.  2017 will be different though, I just know it.


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