New WV Experiences #48in48

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So part of my 48in48 is to have “New” WV Experiences.  I find that the one thing I always regret when I no longer live in a place is that I did not explore it properly.  So, I want to rectify that in WV.  I added that to my 48 list to give me incentive to explore what is easily accessible.  Below is a rough draft of some of the things I hope to experience before my next Birthday.

New WV Experiences:

Whimsical Huntington – J Taylor Auto Museum / WV Radio History Museum (free and open 1-4 Sundays) / Pictures in front of: Frosty Mug, Pink Giraffe and Pink Elephant.  I have never had hot dogs from Hillbilly Hot Dogs – eat there with a pic in front of their huge wiener.   (6 new WV Experiences)

Charleston – Tour the capitol. Hit the Shoney’s Big Boy Museum.  Try to find the Melancholy Lincoln Statue around the State Capitol.  Photograph a set of Coffiander’s Crosses along the way.  That mound place that I saw after lunch with Johnny (5 new WV Experiences) (

Odd Fayette:  Ansted – the gravesite of Stonewall’s mother.  Cotton Hill – Indian Head Rock.  Swing past Skyline Drive-In for a selfie (Hank Williams’ last stop before driver realized he was dead – I have eaten there but never took a selfie to blog about Hank).  If long weekend, Raleigh County things: Armpit sniffing statue at Tamarack (tunnel disaster tribute).  Exhibition Coal Mine – check out the peace totem pole complete with crashed airplane prop and time capsule (5 new WV Experience).

Hinton/Pipestem/Bluestone: (Maybe July or August – long camping weekend?) Giant concrete Teddy Bear on a hillside (Southeast of town on Hwy 3, across the road from Groundworks (a nursery and garden supply store).  John Henry Statue.  Sandstone Falls. Hinton Railroad Museum. Bluestone State Park. Pipestem – Bolar Lookout Tower. (6 listed new WV experiences but there should be a number of new things once this happens)

Bridgeport: Lawn Girrafe (East of Clarksburg, north side of W Main St./US Hwy. 50 in Bridgeport, possibly near Giraffe Hill Rd).  May 5-7 Scottish Festival (2 new WV Experiences).

Misc Items:

  • Paul Bunyon and Babe – they are only rolled out for warm events at the Putnam County Fairgrounds.
  • Sam’s Mountain Marbles – Ellensboro, WV
  • East Lyn Lake and down the road is a giant Kermit statue in Kermit.
  • Matewan – mining war museum. On the way there is a house made out of coal.
  • Parkersburg: Giant Indian muffler man that stands at corner of Hwy 95 and Jeffrey St. Oil and Gas Museum. Blennerhasset Island. VP Aaron Burr’s Death Mask.
  • Point Pleasant: River Museum, World’s Largest Horse, US Navy Poster Museum


Well, that is a list of at least 36 items.  With Renau and I constantly taking adventures, I am sure that I will be able to get some of these in as well as knock out the 48 total.

Wish me luck!

If you have any suggestions, please add them to my comments – I would love to have new ideas to kick around!


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