#196 #48in48 #Travel Dream Trip: Scotland

I have a number of things on my bucket list – things to do, places to visit, food to taste, music to see live…  As for my dream travel experience, it would have to be Scotland.

Photo origin: http://cdn.scotland.org.uk/images/1400x400Tours/achnasheen1.jpg


To be more specific, my dream would be to start in Dores (you have to have a view of Lock Ness to start this epic journey) and hike up to Inverness (making sure to pay respects at Culloden). I would head down through Cairngorms National Park, hitting Cock Bridge and Aberdeenshire. I would hike A93 to Aberdeen on the coast.  There I would catch the train to Stonehaven, making sure to visit Dunnottar Castle to take in the gorgeous ocean-side views from the 13th century ruins.  I would then hop another train to Broughty Ferry, making sure to visit Broughty Castle Museum and bear witness to the castle built in 1496. I would hike over to Dundee and explore the city before making my way on to Perth.  It would take a couple of days to explore Perth.  Of course I would enjoy a number of pubs while admiring the Tay River and doing the touristy things.  From there I would rotate between hiking and hopping the train, making a stop in Kirkcaldy and then (still rotating between modes of transport) I would make my way down to Queensferry.  TONS of exploring would happen in this area including Inchcolm Abbey which dates back to the 1200s and the times of Alexander I. And oh to explore Edinburgh!  That, my friend, is a dream destination in, and of, itself!  Once I wore myself out touring Edinburgh, I would make sure to get a good night’s sleep before hopping the train to Glasgow!!  This is where I would end my Scotland trip.  It would be the mecca for me.  There I would either rent a car or take the bus and explore the outlying areas around Glasgow and down through Galloway Forest Park.

So, when I win the lottery or that rich uncle ten times removed on my Ma’s Mom’s side leaves me his fortunes….this would be one of the first things I would like to accomplish.


Where is YOUR mecca?

Loch Ness Castle loch-ness1

Dores Inndores


Dunnottar Castle 103446-dunnottar-castle-near-stonehaven-in-aberdeenshire-in-warmer-times

Broughty Castle broughty

Inchcolm Abbey Inchcolm

Edinburgh Castle/Edinburgh edinburgh-castle-scotland-united-kingdom-10


Galloway Forrest Park (Dark Sky Observatory) dark-sky-observatory-dalmellington





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