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Yesterday the Russian ambassador to Turkey was murdered, at point blank range, at a news conference of some sort. His name was  Andrey Karlov. He was 62 years old.  He was a career ambassador.  In addition to Turkey, Andrey also served as ambassador to South Korea. He had a wife and one son. He was somone’s son.  Why am I writing all of this about a murdered ambassador?  This is why: because there was a journalist present at the art exhibit where Andrey was assisnated, the entire attack and Adrey’s death was captured on film.  The pictures and video of that horrific scene have been shown and replayed scores of times. I turned my news off last night and I avoided my regular news reads this morning because all I can think is – Andrey Karlov was someone’s Husband, someone’s Dad, someone’s Son and the media could give one shit less that they are showing his dead body over and over and over again for the world (and his family) to see and with no remorse or sensitivity.  He was a man, a human. And the media only regard him as click bait. Shame. Shame on them all.

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