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Losing Dad last year (understandably) threw me off my blogging game.  I know you guys understand.  And I know you won’t mind as I catch myself up to date.  I saw a ton of music and Renau and I had a ton of fun on adventures.  There was a drunken evening spent on the hallowed ground of the Patriots.  So much happened in 2016.  For now, first up is Ben and I seeing a band that I have loved for years at Mountain Stage: Leftover Salmon.  Without further ado, here is the blog…

2016-07-31 Mountain Stage, Episode 875

There has never been a time when I have walked away from a Mountain Stage Show and said, “That wasn’t fun.” or “I didn’t like that.”  They ALWAYS put on a superb show.  I love the music and I love that this is something that I do with one of my closest friends in the world, Ben.

The show starts with Larry Groce (sorry for the blur Larry – my camera wasn’t always cooperative that night):


He is our tour guide on this musical trip that spans various genres and tones.

First up for the evening was Royal Southern Brotherhood  To say they were amazing would be to undersell this group. The funk, the blues, the guitar. Just, wow.  Cyril Neville is their lead singer (yes, Cyril Neville of the Neville Brothers – he’s the youngest).  The group has released four albums since 2012.  Also, on guitar is Tyrone Vaughn (son of Jimmie, nephew of Stevie Ray). His playing just left me awestruck.  AMAZING.  Below are some of my pictures.  We were treated to Vince Herman of Leftover Salmon coming out to play with them. A little sample of that is here:


Cris Jacobs was next up. He was the front man for a Baltimore-based band, The Bridge.  He released a debut solo album in 2012 titled Songs for Cats and Dogs.  He plans on releasing an album with Ivan Neville (wait, is there a theme to this show) in 2017 titled Neville Jacobs.  I cannot wait to give it a listen! Below are a few of my pictures from the concert and also a sample of his music.


And our treat for the night? Qiet!!  I have repeatedly used the term “eclectic” to describe their music. They  are a local band.  You know, I cannot describe them well enough, no matter how hard I try, so here is a YouTube vid from the show of them:

They were so much…fun. Just downright fun music.  Here are a few of my pics and a vid clip of them from the show:


I love a musician with a sense of humor.  That is what we got with Elizabeth Cook!!  She is an American Country Music singer/guitarist.  She was the youngest of 11 children. Her parents were both musicians. Her father honed his skills in the prison band while serving time for running moonshine.  How much more country can one girl get?!?  A sample of her music and below a few pics from the show.  Check her out, seriously. Amazing voice.


And now for the band I came to see: Leftover Salmon!!  They are noted as a jam band who formed in 1989.  I first heard them in the early to mid 90s.  The band characterizes their music as “Polyethnic Cajun Slamgrass”.  I totally get that.  Below is a sample of their music and a few of my pictures from the show:



After the show, I was able to grab a pic with the guy in the kilt and Ben wanted a picture with Joni Deutsh, our all time FAVORITE Assistant Producer of Mountain Stage as well as regular voice on my Public Radio dial!

And no Mountain Stage Show is complete without a last song featuring a sampling of all of the artists from the evening.  Below are my pics from the wrap up.

Update: the above video almost did not make it into this blog. My overly unsteady hand might cause motion sickness.  Apologies.  But it was part of our experience. So, of course I am inserting it!

Ben and I wrapped up our Mountain Stage experience with a little after party fun at the Empty Glass. Usually we sit on our bench of judgement and assess the situation.  However, on this night, some rude asses were in our seats.  So, we sat off to the side where we treated ourselves to some birthday cupcakes (I guess we got over it).  And finally, wrap up photos:


And, as they like to say in the entertainment business: It’s a wrap.  Hope you liked my blog.  If you enjoy the artists above and have a favorite song, let me know in the comments below!






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