2011-07-12 25 Things About Me – Throwback Blog

Continuing with the effort to get all of my blogs under one umbrella…  Also, I like to see where my “brain” was during different periods of my life. These silly quizzes help me with that.

25 Things About Me

July 12, 2011 at 6:24pm

1.  Soy Un Perdedor

2.  For my 40th bday I swam with the sharks

3.  Recently was able to skydive

4.  Spent New Years Day 2010 in the crown of the Statue of Liberty

5.  Love the song Tainted Love by Soft Cell

6.  Has a few nicknames – Chelle, Mitch, MRod, Shelly

7.  Sees nothing wrong with Charlie Sheen – he’s a marketing GENIUS! ha

8.  LOVES sports – UFC (GSP), Football (WVU and Giants/Jets), MLB (Mets), Hockey (Rangers)

9.  Love food – Umi Sushi Solar Roll, German Chocolate Cake with Coconut Pecan Icing, BBQ Chicken, Buckwheat Pancakes, Chocolate Ice Cream in Choco Dipped Waffle Cones, Hot Pot, Paprika Chicken, on and on and on

10.  Have been known to partake of a liquid libation – not allowed to drink tequila in public – had my fair share of jager wiith a tomatoe juice chaser, casually drink malubu and pineapple.

11.  LOVE movies – anything John Hughes or del Torro – love Epics (Spartacus, Camelot) – Godfather, Breakfast Club, Harry Potter, American Werewolf in London – LOVE horror flicks

12.  Own the house I grew up in – Carlisle, WV

13.  Love to explore new places – botanical gardens, side streets in the city, national parks, long scenic roads, places I have never been

14.  I am a HUGE fan of Roadside America…. lmao (I saw a 20 ft duck once)

15.  Enjoy spending a day taking photos – will get up at 6am to go see if the mist is rising from Plum Orchard Lake

16.  Reads A LOT – everything but romance novels

17.  Snot skeeves me – the thought of it, someone talking about it, in-car-nosepickers (oh gawd – gagging as I type it)

18.  Loves to sing out loud when no one is listening or when my ear buds are in.  Love to dance when no one is looking.

19.  Is truly a kid at heart.

20.  Can tell a mighty good story.

21.  Currently single.  Sucks at relationships but I think I am an amazing gf.  LMAO – I am really looking for someone I can consider a friend who likes to do the same things and is available.

22.  Collects flattened pennies.

23.  Has a couple of tats.

24.  I don’t take myself too seriously.

25.  Has a wicked and usually filthy sense of humor.

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