The Giver Quartet (#22-24)

Lois Lowry is known as a juvenile fiction writer.  I find that fascinating as the movie The Giver has found a foothold with adult audiences.  The whole series (The Giver, Gathering Blue, The Messenger and Son) deals with a force-fed utopia that fails in the end.  I read The Giver and then dove right into Gathering Blue and I could not see the connection between the two other than the apparent similarities in the nature of the story.


I should blog more about these books because they were phenomenal and easy to tear through.  However, I have let enough time lapse and the details are not as commanding for me to get into a blog about it.
Read them.  Love them.  Let me know your thoughts.

22-24 – I am so not going to make my 52 book hopes for 2014 but I can say quality has far overcome the quantity….


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