2014 The Year Of Awesome Sauce!

In November 2013 I walked a race, The Warrior Dash put on by the organization Wounded Warrior.  I had a decent enough time (44 minutes with no preparation – literally received the email Thursday for the Saturday morning race).  So I decided 2014 would be the year of 5k’s.  Then I thought I would throw a couple of Half Marathons in there to make it interesting.  The thing is, the ones I wanted to do came early in the year.  So this year will be a lot of running 5k’s and a couple of walk-runs of early Halfs with the goal being to actually run the Marshall Half Marathon in November.

The races I have on my docket are:

Valentines Classic 5k (Vienna, WV) 02/16

Barboursville Five Miler (Barboursville, WV) 02/23

Zombie Run 5k (Charleston, WV) 03/01

NYC Half (NYC, NY) 03/16 – following this up the next day by spending St Pat’s in Boston!

Lucky Charms Glitter 5k (Ritter Pk, Hton, WV) 03/29

Gristmill Grinder Trail Half (Babcock, WV) 04/19

Patriot Honor Miles 5k (Charleston, WV) 05/03

Be A Hero 5k (Huntington, WV) 07/12

Run For Your Pancreas 5k (Huntington, WV) 07/19

Sentinel Half (Parkersburg) August

Glow in the Park 5k (Ritter Park, Hton, WV) 09/06

Marshall Half Marathon (Huntington, WV) 11/02

Finish up season where I started – Warrior Dash (this time a 10k) – Ripley, WV in Nov

So, I have a full dance card of races this year.  Pretty stoked about it.  Waiting also to hear when I can wear my superhero costume for the race being rescheduled in Wheeling and hoping to not overlap another race.  Would like to buy a road bike to add to my training in the spring.

The downside to running in my area is that when you want to enter a race, few are ever very close.  I tried to schedule as many in Huntington as I can because that is where we skydive.  Oh yeah, I have decided to go for my A license in skydiving this year too (maybe even my B, depending on how things roll – I would like to be eligible for night jumps at some point too – that means I need to get at least fifty jumps in this year to qualify for one then the other).  I believe that seeing as I will probably be in the best shape of my life this year, this is the time to do it.  So, the first week of February I will be hitting the wind tunnel in Raeford, NC to get my arch worked on.  Indoor skydiving has always been a fascination with me.  I am stoked to be able to give it a shot in preparation for the upcoming season.  I hope to get to go to a big boogie just to be able to experience what it is like.  Trying to convince Bobby into Sebastian (FL) the last week of 2014.  I think it would be the perfect topper for the best year of my entire life.

I am thankful and feel blessed.  To have this kind of year laid out in front of me is amazing.  New house, running races, skydives, celebrating my first anniversary.  The insanity of the awesomeness of it overwhelms me.  Who needs a bucket list, just make it happen!

I hope your year is just as good, my friend.


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