Tis My Birthday Blog And A Year In Recap

Wedding Night

This year was probably my best and worst year ever on this planet, all mushed up into a giant ball.  Now that the dust has settled and life has resumed some faction of normalcy, it allows me to think about the upcoming year and how it holds so much promise that sometimes I tear up.  My life has been an exquisite disaster for the most part.  Always hanging on, in some fashion or another, by a thread.  Bobby has come into my life and has offered me a balance like none I have ever experienced before.  For that, I am grateful.  Last November we sat in front of Barboursville Applebee’s (I wanted steak) and in my lap was a tiny silver box that held a ring that fit my finger perfectly from the moment it was taken out of the jeweler’s case.  I was staring at the box when he asked me, “Do you like it?”  “Love it.”  “Then put it on.”  That was his proposal to me.  I smile, thinking about that.  He is the first man I have ever truly been myself with, let all of my defenses down and feel utterly safe with him at my side. I trust him implicitly (trust is a huge word that I never comprehended until now).  Together, we will be epic.

This year saw a lot of starts, stops and starts again.  I quit a job that was not suited to me.  Bobby had a terrible skydive accident.  I moved to Mason County.  My Dad became sick and life stood in a precarious unbalance as we held our breath and waited for the pieces to fall where they may.  I took a break from jumping  I was offered a good job with people I like.  Daddy went home to live on his own after almost a year of bouncing between health facilities.  We broke ground on our new home that will be built to the specs of our dreams.  Life felt as if it had a jumpstart and a standstill all at the same time.

My new job is going well.  Daddy is reacquainting himself with day-to-day life and enjoying being free from a constant barrage of nurses and doctors.  Bobby and I still find ourselves giggling late into the night because he is ticklish and I take advantage of that.  The kids are well.  The house (sometimes feels as if it will be the death of me but…) will be wrapped up in the next few months. Life is not always perfect but the imperfections are what add character, flavor to our days.

This past year I read a post someone put up that has resonated with me.  It said, simply:  You only have one life but if you live it right, one is enough.  I have been fortunate in my lifetime to live life fully.  Good times, bad times, all times.  I am loud, animated, immature, loving, passionate, educated, hardheaded, obnoxious, caring – all 100% full throttle, 100% of the time.  I have always believed in living life to the fullest.  Even at times when drawing it back a little made more sense.  It is who I am.

So, in summation, life is good.  Life is really, really good.  In the upcoming year I will be going to the Correctional Officer Academy (yep, this here accountant is going to go break bad with some cuffs and tazers and shit); I will celebrate my first anniversary with my forever Valentine; I will work toward my A License in skydiving; I will run my first half marathon (hopefully in NYC but if not, somewhere)…and those are just my plans through spring.  Oh what an amazing life.  So full of fun, love and laughter.  I am truly a lucky girl, surrounded by amazing people.  That is the greatest birthday gift of all.

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