Books 7-9 Christopher Paolini Series


I re-read Eragon, Eldest and Brisingr so I could read “fresh” the fourth and final installment “Inheritance”.  It is a good series.  The ones I liked the most were Eragon and Inheritance.  Although I understand the middle two were needed to build the world Paolini envisioned, I felt it was almost too much.

For whatever reason, we were made to wait such a long time for the fourth novel.  That forced me to re-read to remember the whole storyline.  That frustrated me a bit.

The characters were good and solid.

If you love everything Dragon, Elven, Dwarvish, and Magical – then I suggest you read this series.  It was good, although longish.

If you read, let me know what you think.


(Funny, I am re-reading Guillermo Del Toro‘s The Strain so I can wrap up the next two books.  Loved the first one so I am curious how the final two will proceed.)

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