Eggs and Benedict


So, over my morning fare of scrambles with turkey and spinach, I am reading up on the decision of Pope Benedict to resign from being Pontiff.  My first thought: That’s allowed?  Apparently, it is.  If we believe what the headlines say, even the Vatican was surprised.  He cited failing health in the tone of mind and body.

Reading up on the events as they unfold, I am taken back to my office at Sutton in Valley Stream when Benedict took his place as the 265th pope of the Catholic Church.  In the weeks leading up to his “crowning” I studied the various possible popes and composed a spreadsheet of their “pros and cons” (including the Vegas spread for each candidate).  Two days before the bishops voted, I looked at Brigid and said:  I hope they don’t choose Ratzinger and I hope (God forbid that transpires) he does not choose “Benedict”.  Talk about egg on MY face!  Ha!

See, I loved me some JP2.  He was “my pope”.  He was the pope of the young people, an actor, a Pole, personable to the world.  He wanted to bring people in.  Then came the German.  He was rigid, old, unyielding and when besieged with young people at his window at bedtime, he walked out, shushed them and told them to go home (JP2 would call to them and pray over them.  He, like Whitney, knew the children are our future) and (to add salt to the wound), Benedict was a former Hitler’s Youth.  I had issues with him from one side to the other.

This morning I am sitting here thinking about my religion, my faith, thoughts and conflicts on the office of Pontiff and I see a “real” blog in the making (or maybe a network of blogs that lead to the elections).  We have Benedict until midnight Feb 28th.  I wonder, if like exiting Presidents, he is allowed to forgive murders or will he make some kind of ethereal prediction of the end of the world that we will cling to in our love of post-apocalyptic everything.

This is probably the most interesting news I have seen in some time.  If Ma were still alive (and if you ask my Dad, he thinks she suddenly is again) she would say “It’s a sign Chelle.  The world is coming to an end!”

Stay tuned.  Let’s see what I can put together as reference material for you…


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