Ah Bucket!

I hate the term “Bucket List”.  To me that implies that I will one day eventually die and I have to cram all of my insane adventures in as fast as I possibly can.  I believe, IMHO, I am simply too fabulous to ever die.  Therefore, my list is a “Lifetime List”.  And oh what a lifetime of adventures I have had so far!

For some years, I have kept my Lifetime List in electronic format (I am terrible about losing things).  I separate my list out as follows:  Local To-Do List, Places, Things, Events, Accomplishments, Meet and Food/Places to Eat.  When I complete an item, I move it to the bottom of my list and I note the date and who shared my adventure with me.  My recent additions (to the to-do side) are more places than anything else.  I have become fascinated with the idea of photographing covered bridges and lighthouses around the United States.  One of my most cherished completions happened the day after my 40th birthday when the kids bought me my shark dive experience.  My daughter told me she was giving me my bday gift and then handed me my GPS.  She told me to drive to the place programed in the GPS and I would find my present.  When we made our way out the Island and to Atlantis, I cannot begin to explain the overwhelming joy I experienced.  I had thought that my 40th mile marker would not come to pass because I worked so much and had low funds.  But my family made sure that I was able to live out a dream (see pic below).  Since then, there have been many more dreams that have come to pass.

To give you an idea of the checked off items on my list:


* Ostrich 2009/06/18 Galaxy Galary Diner w/Nev
* Oliver Platt 2009/06/06 (Guys and Dolls).  Not an actual meetingbut he kinda looked my way from stage.  I’ll count it. w/alone
* Jeremy Irons  2009/03/23 opening night of Impressionism – I “give good hug”…. swoon w/alone
* John Lithgow 2009/03/23 opening night of Impressionism w/alone
* Christopher Walken shook hands opening of A Behanding in Spokane w/alone
* Mark Messier  2010/09/21 filming a commercial WV w/Carla 
* Walk the Bk Bridge 2009/05/10 w/Amanda
* Walk inside a castle 2009/04/18 Gould Castle w/Amanda
* Onstage-Rock Band – 2009/06/22 Berlin @Crazy Donkey w/Nev
* Ride the Staten Island Ferry 2009/07/25 w/The Paynees 
* Swim with the Sharks 2008/11/16 Atlantis w/Mander & The Paynes 
* Watch the Mermaid Parade @ Coney Island 2009/06/20 w/alone
* Climb to the crown of Lady Liberty  2010.01.01 w/Amanda & Alex
* To hear an actual mass at St Patrick’s 2010-02-27 w/Erin, KLT
* Circus School 2010-02-27 w/Erin, KLT
* Ride an electronic bull 2010-02-15 w/Erin, KLT -Epic Adventure
* Stripper School 2010-02 w/Rebecca
Walk the Boston Freedom Trail – 2010-02-14 w/Erin   
* Skydive -2011-05-25  – w/Mander, Rhonda, Ang, Kim
* Lake Kayak – 2011-06-19 – Piedmont Lake, Ohio – w/Mander and Donna
* EuroBungee – w/my lonesome
* Zip Line – TreeTops 2011-05-05 – w/Mander, Vivian
* Dropkick Murphys (with Mighty Mighty Bosstones) – 2011-09-08 w/Erin
* Snowshoe – 2012-01-25 w/Dan
Campbell Apartment – 02/27/10 w/Erin, KLT 
* Ghostbusters Firehouse 02/15/10 w/Erin, KLT
* Brooklyn Museum 2009/08/02 w/Mander, Rhonda & Leigh
* Irish Hunger Memorial 2008/11/11 (PS I Love You) w/Mander, Paynes 
* Broken Angel House 2009/07/11 w/Alex
* Prospect Park Zoo  2009/07/26 w/Mander &The Paynes 
* Super Hero Supply Store (Bk)  2009/07/11 w/Alex
* 5Ptz Queens http://5ptz.com/graff/about/ 2009/03/15 w/Mander & Anka
* Cabellas – 2011-06-18 – w/Donna, Daddy & Mander
* The Big Duck Flanders, NY 2009/06/28 w/Amanda
* Mummified Mother Cabrini  2009.07.24  w/Amanda and The Paynes 
* The Mystery Hole w/Alex & Daddy
The past few years have landed me in a number of adventures.  And the greatest part is being able to share them with people who matter to me.  But there is still SO much more to come.  Planned for the upcoming weeks/months – I get to see Flogging Molly live, start my skydiving training (which will lead to many different firsts – it also is getting me to my 50th mile marker of BASE jumping the NRG Bridge),  hit a large number of local places that are new, Rock Climb, SUP, learn to roll a kayak, complete (hopefully) a half marathon, spelunking (yeah, I said it – spelunking) and a handful of other random items that life throws my way.
Life is not about sitting on your ass, waiting for it to unfold before you.  It’s about the scream of victory, the tears of happiness, the “holy fuck we just did that”s, the satisfactionof a task completed, the proof that “they” were wrong-you CAN do its…  It’s about defining your story in a language that only YOU speak.  It’s your life, live it on your terms!

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