Mary Stuart

Opening Night Photos Mary Stuart

“For a Queen to stand, a Queen must fall. Friedrich Schiller’s Mary Stuart is a thrilling account of the extraordinary relationship between England’s Elizabeth I (Harriet Walter) and her cousin, Mary Queen of Scots (Janet McTeer), Elizabeth’s rival to the throne. With its behind the scenes intrigue, scheming and betrayal, the play also has the feel of a modern-day political thriller. Mary Stuart builds to one of the most electrifying dramatic confrontations in world theatre, in which Schiller imagines a meeting between the two monarchs on the grounds at Fotheringay Castle.”

What an amazing performance by two amazing actresses.  And the second act torrential downpour which lasts like ten minutes in which Mary Stuart (Janet McTeer) runs through the storm.  Oh my gawd, nothing short of breathtaking.  To the point of my making my way against the people leaving the theater (post show) to take a closer look at the stage just to see how it was done.  Remarkable, to say the least.  Remarkable.  For her to meet with Elizabeth (Harriet Walter) in the storm and at the Queen’s appearance the waters part and the rain stops.  Sigh.  Great.

I was a little confused, however, with all of the men in the show being dressed in three piece suits of a modern nature.  It left me a little confused but not so much as to distract me away from the show itself.  What regal women.  What amazing, regal women.  Kudos. Backstory

If you have not had the opportunity – run, don’t walk to the theater to see this.  It is a must see of the season.  Let me know what you think.


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