Desire Under The Elms

I am writing this in a very RETRO fashion.  I am so behind in my blogging.  Today I will endeavor to catch up on all that I have seen and experienced over the last few months…. So, let’s begin.

LA Times: Desire Under the Elms

Written in 1924, the tragic play tells the story of Ephraim Cabot (Dennehy), an aging landowner who is engaged in a battle with his son Eben (Schreiber) for control of the family farm. The father weds a much younger woman, Abbie (Gugino), whose own greed and sexual attraction to Eben leads to dire consequences.

I asked a friend from the office, Rich, to come see this show with me.  He too was a fan of Brian Dennehy and agreed to come.  I try to avoid the critic’s critiques until after I see the show.  In reading the reviews in retro, I see words like “sizzling”, “gutsy” and “ominous”.  So to hear that it was overlooked by Tony and then had to close May 24th I was completely shocked, to say the least. Phenomenal cast (in addition to Dennehy the show starred Carla Gugino and Pablo Schreiber).

The intensity between Gugino and Schreiber was palpable.  Then, much to my surprise and amusement there was a nude scene with Schreiber and a partial nude with Gugino.  Oh my.  For a brief moment I thought Dennehy was to join in the nudity but stopped just shy.  LOL

There was a fourth player in this production – the set!  There was a full blown house that was suspended over the stage and these massive boulders throughout…

I am sad that if you have not had an opportunity to see it you will not be able to do so now.  However, you can see the screen adaptation of Desire Under the Elms starring Anthony Perkins and Sophia Loren.

A posting of the play in its entirety is here .

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