The Sun Rose Over Brooklyn

And I got to see it.  LOL

I told my good friend Melissa that I needed a drink.  She told me that one had already been poured for me in Brooklyn.  Thirty eight minutes later I was sitting on her couch sipping Malibu and mango juice while we caught up.  I was in a tired/weird spot when I told her I needed a drink but the instant I saw her I realized that the best thing for odd dispositions is a good friend to put you back into the proper perspective.  That is why I found myself at 11:45 PM driving to Brooklyn for a drink  and why at 2:00 AM we found ourselves in the Couples Club at a party that was packed and on fire.  So much fun to be had.  Pat was serving up Devil’s Punch.  The music was thumping.  There was even a birthday cake shaped like a Bailey’s bottle that was mouth watering (to say the least).

I had not had much to drink.  The party wrapped up around 6:00 AM so I decided to drive back to Long Island and catch a couple of hours sleep before I was off to see my man friend (giggle).  As I made my way down Flatbush, the sun was on its way up to let the people in Bk know that their day had just begun.  Well, some of the people.  I know a good couple hundred that were realizing that their previous day was just ending…

So yeah.  Good friends, good music, good drink, hot music.  Who could ask for more, right?  (well, if Erin were there it would have been better but Boston is a little further than 38 minutes away)

Life is good right now.  Really good.  Of course there are things here and there that are going on that are stressful.  But the base of it all, the foundation of my life – family, friends, joy.  They are all hitting on all cylinders.  I find myself unexpectedly fortunate and content.

I watched the sun come up in a different part of Brooklyn this morning.  But, that is another story…

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