Commuter Eutopia

I meant to blog about this on Friday.

It was raining, so I drove to the train station. I was able to park in the #1 spot which means I basically get off the train of the evening and bump into my car. Which usually I am on the other side of the lot. I smiled to myself and thought today might not be that bad. I walked onto the platform and noticed the morning smoker was not there. ‘Geeze’, I thought, ‘Could the fates truly love me today?’ I stepped onto an almost empty train, taking the seat of my choice. At Penn Station, I exited to the escalator which had no line. The bus was waiting at the top of the escalator with barely any passengers on it.

I then had the creepy feeling that something terrible lay ahead of me, as there is no way in NYC that a commute should be this issue-free.

But no, the commute home was just as issue-free.

Are the Commuter Gods listening to my daily torment and taking pity on me?

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