Genealogy: Personal Wish

Just a quick post this go around. In all of the hoarding of photos and memorabilia, I am saddened that there are no photos of my baptism nor is there a single photo of my birth father holding me as an infant, nor any of his family with me as a baby.  Those are things that are lost to me.  When Ma passed away, Daddy made sure I had her cedar chest and the various photo books that dealt with me, her []

Genealogy: Cemetery Conservation and Preservation

Not all cemeteries/graveyards have tons of acreage and are run by top notch management companies.  I know the grave of my Nana is underwater a number of months each year, no matter how loudly I complain.  (I have an idea regarding this issue and if I am arrested I may have to beg for bail from you, dear readers! ha).  There are many family cemeteries and private cemeteries on people’s personal land.  The upkeep of the headstones can sometimes be less than []