Journal: Morning Feb 9, 2018

I have recently received messages from multiple people on Ancestry who are related to Ma’s side of the family and who, like me, are trying to trace the lines of our family tree. I like seeing that name pop up in messages; the one with ten letters, only three vowels and two z’s. At the top of my life’s to-do list is to visit the motherland.  To walk in the fields of my ancestors. I have cut myself off from most of []

Journal: Morning 28 Jan 2018

I have been having weird dreams that are just past the tip of my mind’s mental fingertips in the “remembering” department. I have some fragments. The skin on my face started to peel in one dream and then I ended up peeling large sections of my entire face off.  Cali Cat had a baby that I wanted to bring into the house only to realize she gave birth to a kitten that had fleas on it. Dark figures haunt me and I []