Old FB note about Ma and the end.

This was posted as an old Facebook Note.  I wanted to move it here because it gives the most detail to one of the two worse weeks of my life.  I cannot read it. But I wanted it here so that I had it if I needed to read it.  I miss Ma all the time.  Friday will be seven years.  Seven. Update – Mom January 9, 2010 at 1:24am On Thursday morning at 730 Mom started routine dialysis in Fayetteville. About []

Dreams 2017-01-06

Last night I had another solid sleep and with it vivid dreams. Preface – Ma never “comes to me”.  There was the one time, immediately after Dad’s death, that I saw a couple who looked just like them from afar. I stared at them with my mouth open, Al was with me and experienced it too.  I ended up walking over and randomly hugging a stranger.  I am that person…  But as far as coming to me in dreams or thoughts, offering []

Old Journal Entries 2017-01-06

Next up in the old (actually) written journal is an excerpt from a paper I wrote in college about my Pawpaw”:  He was a kind and caring man in whom I placed my constant trust. When other children were looking toward their televisions for heroes, I had mine within reach. My thoughts take me back to a time long passed when my Grandfather and I would pick oranges in a grove in Florida. Am small, fragile child holding the large, caring hand []