Dreams 2017-01-06

Last night I had another solid sleep and with it vivid dreams. Preface – Ma never “comes to me”.  There was the one time, immediately after Dad’s death, that I saw a couple who looked just like them from afar. I stared at them with my mouth open, Al was with me and experienced it too.  I ended up walking over and randomly hugging a stranger.  I am that person…  But as far as coming to me in dreams or thoughts, offering []

Old Journal Entries 2017-01-06

Next up in the old (actually) written journal is an excerpt from a paper I wrote in college about my Pawpaw”:  He was a kind and caring man in whom I placed my constant trust. When other children were looking toward their televisions for heroes, I had mine within reach. My thoughts take me back to a time long passed when my Grandfather and I would pick oranges in a grove in Florida. Am small, fragile child holding the large, caring hand []

#Dreams 2017-01-03

Have you ever had just a never-ending bat shit dream?  I did last night. The cast was: a friend of mine from work, a friend from NYC, a couple and a coworker traveling to Germany. We stayed in shacks along the way.  It was just one big room.  My coworker decided to take a walk and ended up at a lake.  There he found what he said was an alligator. I told him it was actually a crocodile you could tell because []

Write A #Chapter #48in48 #201

The trail rose up in front of her. The sun beat down on her back. Her already burnt shoulders cried out to her. She ignored it and pushed through. A few more miles and she would make her destination.  It was important to have goals and keep them. And this one almost cost her her life on more than occasion. The dog ran ahead of her and over the cusp of the horizon. Sarah picked up her pace to keep her eye []