Werewolf By Night (2022)


I like how the opening Marvel spiel goes from so colorful to black and white! Ah, we are an old school black and white special, are we?

Oooohhh they showed a vampire – is this a tie in to Blade?

iMDB Synopsis: Follows a lycanthrope superhero who fights evil using the abilities given to him by a curse brought on by his bloodline.

YAY there’s a Scot amongst us!!

Just a IMHO note here: Laura Donnelly is an underrated actress.

Ok, I am not going to give spoilers afterall. I really liked this. It came in at 52 minutes and was well worth the watch! I would recommend it and I am looking forward to seeing how this ties into the MCU.


Gael García Bernal: Jack Russell
Laura Donnelly: Elsa Bloodstone
Harriet Sansom: Verussa
Kirk R. Thatcher: Jovan
Eugenie Bondurant: Azarel
Leonardo Nam: Liorn
Daniel J. Watts: Barasso
Al Hamacher: Billy Swan
Carey Jones: Ted (Man-Thing)
David Silverman: The Flaming Tuba
Rick D. Wasserman: Narrator (voice)
Richard Dixon: Ulysses Bloodstone (voice)
Jeffrey Ford: Additional Man-Thing Vocalizations (voice)
Erik Beck: Puppeteer

Marvel Studios’ first Halloween special.

The directorial debut of Academy Award-winning composer Michael Giacchino. Giacchino had previously written the scores for Doctor Strange (2016) and the Jon Watts-directed Spider-Man trilogy for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and was a co-composer on Thor: Love and Thunder (2022).

At around 16- and 31-minute marks the “cigarette burn” effect appears in the top right corner of the screen. This used to appear in old films indicating the change between reels on the film projectors.

Kirk R. Thatcher (Jovan) previously appeared in the MCU as ‘Punk on Street’ in Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017). This was a reference to his role as ‘Punk on Bus’ in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986), a character he later reprised in Star Trek: Picard: Watcher (2022) and Star Trek Picard (2021).

When going through the pages of what the bloodstone is and what creatures are effected, the first creature is a wendigo. The wendigo first appeared in Marvel comics in The Incredible Hulk #162 in April 1973

‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ from The Wizard Of Oz (1939) plays as the movie shifts from black and white to color. The same effect was used in The Wizard of Oz.

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