Women In History: Women’s Reserve Camouflage Corps

The Women’s Reserve Camouflage Corps was a specialized unit of American women artists formed during World War I to design and test camouflage techniques for the military. They created both clothing and disguised military equipment for the war effort. Disbanded at the end of the war, women volunteered again to work on camouflage projects in World War II.

Images from archives.gov: https://catalog.archives.gov/search?q=:&f.ancestorNaIds=45274675&sort=naIdSort%20asc

Women's Reserve Camouflage Corps being trained.jpg
Women's Reserve Camouflage Corps in suits in NYC.jpg
Women's Reserve Camouflage Corps in Van Cortland Park.jpg
Women's Reserve Camouflage Corps tree hiding.jpg
CLIPPED FROM: Press and Sun-Bulletin
Binghamton, New York / 18 May 1918, Sat • Page 6
Rose Stokes Camouflage Corps 1918 -
CLIPPED FROM: The Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Brooklyn, New York / 11 Jul 1918, Thu • Page 18
WRCC article_NYTribune -

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