Camper Reno: Cabinet Doors (Before)

Pop Up Camper: Destiny Series by Fleetwood (Coleman) / Cedar MT

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The sight of my lopsided sketch of the camper makes me chuckle. BUT… I will use it during my designing phase because I hate walking back out to the garage to measure the same area that I have already measured a million times before.

This blog will cover my design ideas for the cabinet doors.

My goal is to replace all of the doors with a lightweight (actual) wood (not the current pressboard) and to adorn each door with a wood burn design created by Daughter. Below is a photo of the seven (7) doors in the camper.

The flip up cabinet has 6 doors, three stacked on three.

From left to right, the sizes are:

Top: 12″H x 11″W / 12″H x 11″W / 12″H x 11″W

Bottom: 14″H x 11″W * 14″H x 9.5″W * 14″H x 15″W

The “Potty Barn” cabinet has a single door: 15.5″H x 15.75″W. It is tall enough, as shown in the picture, to house the overnight potty. I will also replace the top of this cabinet. I plan to use kitchen back-splash tile. This will allow for a more rugged use (i.e. sitting things on the cabinet that might be wet from outside – you can wipe it down, not leave water rings, etc).

I bought knobs for the doors from Amazon. A set of 8 Star Compass Rose Wood Cabinet Knobs. Cost: $31.98 (Amazon Prime).

I know that they are not the same. I like that. I also like the red and blue primary colors that the majority of them use. I hope to match out the stain for the doors to darker edge of the knobs.

The top row, third over, will be the one used for the Potty Barn. There is a duplicate (top row first, bottom row last) – I will only use one of those. One will be kept as a back up in case of need.

I am considering replacing/painting the hinges as well.

The cabinet is currently painted white. The doors I will replace will be wood grain. Because of that, I plan to paint the cabinet structure for a better match to the wood grain. The conundrum is the counter top is a very light blue. I had originally thought of an earth tone color to match the doors. I think that might be too big of a contrast to the counter. So I am still tossing around color scheme ideas.

Below is NOT my camper, but the counter top is the same color for comparison. In my camper the stove and sink are reversed and my stove is a two burner. Other than that, this is the same set up, sink pump and color.

Image result for destiny by fleetwood cedar mt countertop

So, my ideas for potential colors are below. I will narrow it down to three or four in the store and then buy the samples so I can compare in-person. A couple that appeal to me online:

Valspar Winter Calm Interior Paint Sample (Actual Net Contents: 8-fl oz)

Wood Burn Designs

The Potty Barn HAS to have an outhouse on the door. I was thinking outhouse/sunflower combo somehow. Also, I kinda hope the design falls in a way that the cabinet door knob and the outhouse door knob are in alignment.

Some ideas:

Image result for outhouse sunflowers coloring pages
Image result for outhouse christmas coloring pages
Not seasons greetings – maybe sunflowers where there is a wreath. Just the outhouse, no extra to the sides.
Image result for outhouse christmas coloring pages
Cleaned up some, sunflowers or just flowers on either side?

The cabinets – I would like to lay out all six on the ground and have the design cover all of them, not six separate designs on six separate doors. I am currently hoping to find a “Tree Of Life” image that strikes me well. That is the image I have in my mind’s eye for the cabinet doors. Kind of like:

Image result for wood burn tree of life
Image result for wood burn tree of life
Image result for wood burn tree of life
Image result for wood burn tree of life
Image result for wood burn tree of life
Image result for wood burn tree of life
Image result for wood burn tree of life

So, that is what I have so far for concept planning on the cabinets. I welcome any and all suggestions and recommendations. Please leave them in the comments!



  1. George Bain literally wrote the book on Celtic knotwork. He lays out the technique for creating original knots using graph paper. I have tried it but my hand just isn’t steady enough to make it look nice but judging by your camper sketches you could probably pull it off quite well.

    1. Thanks so much! I have so much work to do on it but when it is finished, it will be so much more special and personal.

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