Historical Markers: Historic Franklin TN

In the middle of my posting five million mural photos to Instagram, one of my closest friends from High School reached out and asked if I would like to meet up while here. She has work travel, we have plans for another night. We settled on having dinner that very night. She lives in Spring Hill and we decided to meet her at 55 South for dinner because it is halfway to her and we would be able to occupy our afternoon easily in the area of Franklin.

What a busy busy busy little town. Maybe it was because Monday was a holiday and the weather was cooperative. I don’t know but holy heck there was a bustle. I loved it. The people, the shops, the in and out of every storefront just to curiously look at wares.

I was able to get one book store in: Landmark Booksellers. I found a Rand McNally Atlas book and one on LaSalle. I love old book stores. New ones mixed with old one. The smell of pages begging to be read.

The women we met earlier while stopping for a photo op at Ft Nagle mentioned we should also drive out to Leiper’s Fork while in the area of Franklin – they mentioned a waterfall. We never found the waterfall but the little quaint town was pretty to drive through. I hope to one day explore NPS Natchez Trace more in depth. Really, this whole area. There is SO SO SO much. It was almost like sensory overload for me.

I took a million photos of Historical Markers in like a one mile radius. I didn’t have the opportunity to explore in depth, but the cross section of history I read was quite a bit. I am going to load them all here and once I am back home in WV, I will then read more extensively on the history and write a couple of deep dive blogs. For now, I hope you enjoy the Markers!

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