WV: Glen Rogers Funerals 1951-1952 (Union Funds)

I have written about this little green book once before. I found it in some paperwork at my parents’ house after the death of my Dad. It appears that while in the Union, my Grandfather, Alex Taraczkozy, was responsible for the funeral funds and organized payments for expenses associated with funerals of both miners and their family members.

These events occurred in the area of Glen Rogers, Wyoming County, West Virginia. Yesterday I came across an article regarding a monument dedicated to the miners who lost their life in the mines there and I found two of the names from the book noted on the rosters. I have reached out to Wyoming County Historical Museum and have offered to donate this book to their archives in the name of my Grandfather. I hope to make the trek to the museum in February to drop it off and to look at their archives.

Related image
Glen Rogers Mine Monument

Only two of the adults noted in this document were born in the United States. Reinforces the importance of immigrants in this country’s history.

If the names look familiar – I would love to get this data to people who might be researching their family trees. Using various genealogy online tools, I will add additional information as I find it.

Details For Union Funeral Arrangements: Glen Rogers 1951 – 1953

Birthplace: Russia

Occupation: Retired Coal Miner. Cause of death: cerebral hemorrhage.

Birthplace: Hungary

My Grandfather was the person providing the information for the death certificate in this case. They used a common misspelling of his name. (See Below)

Occupation: Coal Miner. Cause of death: cirrhosis of the liver.

Child, Stillborn. Mother’s maiden name: Edna Gray.

Birthplace: Yugoslavia

Occupation: Shot Foreman in Coal Mines. Cause of death was a slate fall in the mines.

Birthplace: Yugoslavia

Occupation: Coal Loader in the mines. Cause of death: myocardial insufficiency complicated by rheumatic heart disease.

Birthplace: Mullens, West Virginia, USA

Occupation: Child. Cause of death: Congenital blastoma, brain / Anemia.

Birthplace: unknown

Occupation: Retired Coal Miner. Cause of death: Cardiovascular, anemia and hypertension.

Birthplace: Poland

Occupation: Retired Coal Miner. Cause of death: coronary occlusion.

Birthplace: Russia

Occupation: Miner. Cause of death: pulmonary tuberculosis.

Birthplace: Hungary

Occupation: Coal Miner. Cause of death: Hypertensive Cardio / Vascular Disese.

Birthplace: West Virginia

Occupation: Coal Miner. Cause of death: Cor Pulmonale.

Birthplace: Surveryor, West Virginia

Occupation: Coal Miner. Cause of death: Mining accident / Crushing injury to pelvis.

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