Shirley Donnelly (1966): Rules For Fostering Good Will

Shirley Donnelly was a Fayette County, West Virginia historian. He was well-versed in local and state history. For several years he had a regular column in Beckley WV’s Raleigh Register called “Yesterday and Today”.

In this article (transcribed at the bottom for easier reading), he details what it takes to foster good public relations.

I think all of the items he listed hold up well as examples of how a business should approach its customers and employees.

I hope you enjoy the read.

Beckley Post-Herald
Beckley, West Virginia
10 Oct 1966, Mon  •  Page 12

There is little wonder] that Chesapeake and Ohio Railway earnings are at an all-time high, Rev. Shirley Donnelly told a gathering of almost 200 persons at a New River Division Better Service Club dinner at White Oak Country Club Thursday night.

“C and 0 is a friend and benefactor of the public it serves,” Donnelly said.

Donnelly expressed his feeling that C and 0 had built up its business through careful attention to fostering good will.

“Good will, being kindly disposed to one another,” he stated, “is the reason for a ground swell in business. When the public sees it has a friend in a great corporation, you have something of inestimable Value–good will.”

He told the group that there are Ten Commandments of good public relations:

1 — Speak to people;

2 — Smile at people;

3 — Call people by their names;

4 — Be friendly and helpful;

5 — Be cordial;

6– Show a genuine interest in people;

7 — Be generous with praise and cautious with criticism;

8 — Consider the feelings of others;

9 — Be thoughtful of the opinions of others;

10 — Be alert to give service.

Donnelly also recounted part of the history of the railroad which was laid at a cost of than $23 million in 1873 and completed almost a mile east of New River Bridge. He said he had observed that one characteristic C and 0 employees shared was loyalty to the railway.

The Better Service Club’s officers will be elected by ballot during the next several weeks after a committee nominate members for the positions chairman, vice-chairman, attendance, and program chairmen, and secretary.

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