My Favorite Airman: Special Orders No A-14

In looking up “3343rd School Squadron”, it appears that it is the squadron for students in technical training. The info I found is:


Looking up 3320th Technical School – that designation notes: “3320th Technical Training Wing (later, Amarillo Technical Training Center): 1 Jun 1958-31 Dec 1968 Amarillo AFB, Texas”

This change to permanent status was per Special Orders Number A-14. I am not sure why I thought that the term “special orders” would mean a more grandiose designation of a person to a special project. It does not. From the few articles I have read, special orders is just the Air Force’s way of personnel movement (regular assignments, promotions, title changes, etc).

An AFR 39-29 is the document of procedures and protocol for the promotion of Airmen.

This letter refers to the men as Pipeline Students. In the military, training pipelines refer to a student’s training cycle as they attend school after school to become certified to deploy with an active unit.

The code 43131C indicates Aircraft Maintenance Specialist.

Because most genealogy nerds go down random rabbit holes… George S Hammerschmidt, the Commander who signed this letter – this is his Military Registration Card. It was signed June 30, 1942 when he was 18.

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