History: Shirley Donnelly on the Johnstown Flood

Shirley Donnelly was a local (Fayette County, WV) historian.  He wrote a column for the Beckley Post-Herald covering a wide range of topics (not just local).  He wrote about my great uncle once, I hope to have a lengthy blog about both the article and the notorious uncle.  I thought it would be fun to find his original newspaper clippings and share them.

I found one clipping on the Johnstown PA Flood.  As I am just returning from Johnstown and having visited the site, I thought that it would be an interesting post.  I hope to write more about Johnstown and the National Parks locations (of Western PA) in upcoming blogs.  For now, I hope you enjoy Mr. Donnelly’s article.

Beckley Post-Herald / (Beckley, West Virginia) /  31 May 1967, Wed  / Page 4

Johnstown Suffered Worst US Flood (below is now it appeared in the book)

Today there is a National Memorial dedicated to that incident and the people who came together to help. A link to that NPS site can be found here: Johnstown Flood National Memorial, Pennsylvania

A timeline of events is offered on the Johnstown Flood Museum page here: An overview of the 1889 tragedy

A documentary on the event can be found on YouTube:

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