Personal History: All The Valentines

I have written a few times about my connection to all things “Valentine”.  If you count back nine month’s from my birthday, you land on a Valentines date.  I was married on Valentine’s Day in Vegas six years ago.

But, it goes further than that…

My Pawpaw (Ma’s Dad) was born on Valentine’s Day.  His father William Balint Taraczkozy, had Valentine in his name (as was noted on his son William’s birth certificate).  His wife Elizabeth (my Great Grandmother) was born on Feb 14,1881.

It doesn’t end there…

My Grandpa on by birth Father’s side was Bernard Valentine Contorchick.  His father was Valentine Andrew Contorchick, born on Feb 14.

As I make my way through my family tree, I always smile when I see the date or the word.  It is my ancestors’ way of saying “hi” to me.

I found my “first Valentines” as I rummaged through a box last night. I will write about those on another day.  They are a little bittersweet for me.

Today I will leave you with the pictures from a previous blog of my Ma’s childhood Valentine’s Cards.

Also, do me a favor: squeeze someone you love today. Doesn’t have to be a romantic partner.  It could be a kid, a parent, a friend, a neighbor or the mailman.  Just for one day, let’s throw more love out into the world than hate.

Happy Valentine’s to you, my friends. I love you all.


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