Sports: 3 Nov 1972 – Oak Hill (6) v Mount Hope (0) – Both Homecomings

This week’s Friday night lights is the last program I have for the 1972 Oak Hill High School football season.  It is their homecoming.  They are battling Mount Hope e Little Brown Jug.  If the newspaper stats are correct, this was the 54th Little Brown Jug game. Oak Hill won 31, Mount Hope won 16 and there were 7 tie games.  It is also Mount Hope’s Homecoming.  In the middle of the program was a pull out page that noted the homecoming courts for each team.  I am mad at the papers for not having a write up for the homecoming aspect of the game.

Oak Hill finished their season with only 2 wins and 8 losses.

From the Beckley Post Herald, Nov 4, 1972, Page 2:

 - McFarland OAK HILL -- The L i Brown Jug remains...

Cover of the program.  Dad had two, with separate serial numbers.

The rosters for each team:

It was the Homecoming for both Oak Hill and Mount Hope.  There was an insert in this program that included the Homecoming Courts for each school:


Advertisement from the programs:

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  1. My grand dad use to a janitor at Collin’s High,use to call him “Honeybee” but his name was Claude Hunter.

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