Sports: 20 Oct 1972 Collins (7) v Beckley (21) – Away Game

This might be one of the more smug headlines I have read in a while.  My heart aches for the1972 Oak Hill team.  They had struggles, that is evident in their scores.  This was an away game for Oak Hill.  Looking at the program, it looks like this was the Homecoming game for Woodrow.

This newspaper clipping is from Beckley Register and Post-Herald, 21 Oct 1972, Page 3:21 Oct 1972 Beckley Post Herald Page 3 Oak Hill v Beckley - REGISTER AND POST-HERALD, BECKLEY, W; VA. f...


I always marvel at the covers for the programs of 1972.  Oak Hill was obviously not the only ones with snazzy artwork.  The difference between Oak Hill and Beckley (as far as programs go) is that Beckley made sure to display all aspects of the football “team”, including the band and cheerleaders.  I give them props for that.  It also ensures, for the people purchasing ad space, that their page will be at more closely as a photo of a teammate appears on each page.

Total side note: Fairchild Co is where my Dad worked for MANY years before they decided to move to Virginia (tax breaks were offered).  It was a horrible blow for my Dad who had worked his way up through the ranks, proven himself to be a dedicated and loyal employee.  After Fairchild, it was difficult for him to find gainful employment for an extended amount of time.  He did not have the college degree although he had two decades of experience.  I never forgave Fairchild for what they did to my Dad, his coworkers or that community that had supported them decades.  They built their business upon the backs of locals only to turn their own backs to them in the end.

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