Sports: 1972 Collins (Missing Programs 09/29 and 10/06)

So, I have a gap in the programs but I wanted to be able to get the whole 1972 year in for your reading pleasure.  The three programs I am missing are: 09/29, 10/06 and 10/27.  I have decided to find the articles to see how our Oak Hill team fared in the face of continual defeat.  The first article, from the Beckley Post Herald (dated 9/30, page three) shows the boys did not fare well as the Collins Red Devils suffered another loss, this time at the hands of the Fayetteville Pirates.  The article for that game:

30 Sep 1972 Oak Hill V Fayetteville - still Lee| Oai Hill Eleven Remains Winless Ji...


The next missing program is from 10/06.  I am sure there was a feeling of defeat in the locker room of the Collins Red Devils as they suffered yet another loss against Princeton.  This article is also from the Beckley Post Herald (October 7, page 3).

6 Oct 1972 Collins v Princeton - coun- r at victory Oak Hill Devils PRMCETON --...

Next week I will post the Oct 13th program and hope to find the article on the Oct 27th game to post alongside.

I feel as if this is playing out in real time for me. Ha!  I put together the blog and it is with my fingers crossed in hopes that my looking back through time, hopeful, will help them in some way!

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