Genealogy: 1960 Kingston High School – Kingston, WV

I thought I had seen Daddy’s yearbook in a storage tub and it took a bit of searching but I located it.  Side note –  I saved tubs and tubs of paperwork, Air Force manuals, bills of sale for his old business, sports programs, tickets, random pictures, greeting cards and anything that was generally left behind. It was like I could not let a single thing go for fear I was letting Daddy go along with it.  The result: several tubs of stuff for which I have no idea what I tossed into them (some without actual use but are attributed to my emotional clinginess when it comes to my Parents).  In addition, when Ma passed away, I had a number of storage tubs and a cedar chest full of things.  And, although she passed eight years ago, I am only know sorting through it all.

Dad had an amazing amount of pride for the school he attended, the sports he played and the friends he loved.  A great number of those friends were within reach the vast majority of his life.  Kingston High School, at one point, would have (I believe) an (bi)annual get together like a reunion (all classes, not a specific one alone).  For a number of years it was held over the course of a weekend at the site of the old high school.  A picnic was held at the school, a dinner at a local place and then some drinking that ended up on occasion at the Owl’s Club (is that place still there even?). The spouses of these folks became an extension of the Kingston High family.  The get togethers were fun, loud and raucous.  They would start telling tales on each other.  The laughter was amazing.  Those…those are some of my fondest memories of my parents together, interacting with good friends.

The 1960 Senior Class of Kingston High School, Kingston, WV:

They do not have pictures of sports other than basketball, so my hopes of finding a baseball picture were dashed.  But, he played basketball as well (of course he did…).  And tucked in the pages of the basketball section was his certificate for earning a letter in sports.  I believe these two yearbook pages can be seen at the voting location in Mossy (the old hotel I think that was/is owned by the Gray family?).

And, as I leaned back in my office chair, reading the names that I have heard so many stories about, this slipped out:

I miss my Daddy.  So very, very much.

If you have your Parents still, do me a favor and give them a call right now, no matter what you are doing.  Tell them you love them.  If they are close enough, give them a squeeze.  But, most importantly, ask them to tell you their stories, write those stories down and, if at all possible, record their voices and their faces as they tell those tales.  Pictures are two dimensional, I miss my Parents’ voices more than anything else.


  1. My father is James p Chaney and he played basketball and he speaks of going to Kingston years ago and he is still living but he’s sick I am his daughter Monya Chaney. Thank for bringing a smile to his face 😊

    1. What years did he attend? I can find the yearbook for his year if you like. There are tons of them online.

  2. My mother Jane Hall went to Kingston and it was so nice to see her picture of her senior year above. She passed away a few years ago and I miss her each and every day. With such good memories of my family times spent in
    Mòssy that I hold dear to my heart forever.

    1. Did Ms. Hall always attend Kingston or did she also attend Collins? I find that Dad attended both which led to a little confusion of “why” and “when” for me. I will try my best next week to pull out the yearbook and scan the whole thing. Maybe she is in a supplemental photo. Dad passed away three years ago. We are coming up on the 10th year since Ma left us. The ache never dulls.

  3. Good Morning to you! My mom has 13 siblings, I beleive they all went to Kingston School not sure of the years they graduated but my mom graduated in 55 or 56. They lived near Stover holler off of RT.1 Mossy/Scarbo, My Grandpa is Hughie Green Scarbro,

    I have been looking for any photos of Roger Dale, Laura Belle Scarbro and more information about Goldie Scarbro. She passed away as a child and my mother was younger than her by several years. So stories of her were minimal but still very interesting.

    I have been doing the family tree thing about 5 months now. And learning of all the people that all come into making me, makes me so happy. Hearing the stories is wonderful and I love being able to see the faces that go along with them.

    1. If you would like to email me their dates of birth (and their given names), I have a subscription to a newspaper archives. I could dig around to find news clippings for them.

  4. Hi, my uncle is Maddy Lowell Scarbro. He is my mother’s (Ethel Scarbro) baby brother. I am sad to to say he passed away quite some years ago. I was still a child.
    I was just reading some history of how West Virginia seceded from Virginia and came across your blog. What a wonderful surprise. I was just relaying some of my childhood stories to my younger sister about our uncle Maddy just a couple weeks ago.
    My older sister will be thrilled to see Maddy’s yearbook photo, she has collected some of my mothers’ family pictures.

    I am terribly sorry for your loss and I am thankful for you sharing your story.

    1. Hi Cheryl! I will pull out the yearbook and go through it, see if I can find Maddy in there somewhere else.

      I am glad you enjoyed the blog! And thank you for your kind words. Dad was an amazing soul. Everyone who knew him loved him.

      Did you have any other member’s of your mother’s family in the Kingston / Scarbro / Carlisle area? I could keep an eye out for more things you might be interested in.

    2. My late wife Ellen Kay Barrett spoke many times of your uncle Maddy Scarbro. She attended KHS and went to Collins also.
      Ellen and I were married for 45 years, we had two daughters and adopted our son.
      Is the Kingston Reunion still being held biannually.
      I’d be interested in attending, I’ve met several of her friends and class mates. Any info would be appreciated @ /
      219 – 314 -5634
      Thank you, Bill Poole.

    3. My late wife mentioned a Maddy Scarbro many times. I believe they attended Kingston HS together.
      He name Ellen Barrett.

  5. My father is larry “sump ” sumpter … He is still alive . I jus love to sit n listen to his stories about Kingston and the basketball stories ….. If u hav any other pics of ki gstin basketball i wld love to see them .

    1. I married Ellen Kay Barrett , not sure the year she was suppose to Graduate from KHS, she also went to Collins,
      Ellen passed 02/09/11
      She knew many of these people being mentioned here
      Is the Kingston Town Reunion still being held. When/ where ?

    2. I’ve heard Ellen speak of the Sumpters, I believe he came to Indiana once to visit her and or family.
      Is Doug and or Dale Burnside still alive…
      Been years since I visited Mossy / Kingston.
      The town reunion is it still going every other year. If so send me notice sufficient to attend. Thank you . Bill Poole.

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