Meet and Greet: Sep 2017 Cincinnati Comic Expo

We attended the Cincinnati Comic Expo from September 22-24, 2017.  This was my third time at this convention.  It draws a good size crowd but on Friday evenings you have more elbow room (so to speak).

From the second floor looking down on the convention:

TV/Film guests included:

  • Miriam Margolyes (Harry Potter, Black Adder) – Attended panel, had a photo op
  • Wallace Shawn (Pixar, Princess Bride) – Attended panel, Ben had a photo op
  • Julian Glover (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, James Bond, Game of Thrones) Attended panel, Ben had a photo op
  • Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter) – stood close to, WISH I would have seen more of
  • Ralph Macchio (Karate Kid) – saw on the street where he mumbled something about cocktails
  • Kel Mitchell (Keenan and Kel) – Alex shook his hand and told him he had an impact on his childhood
  • John Ratzenberger (Cheers, every Pixar cartoon) – stood close to, WISH I would have seen more of
  • Kevin Sussman (Big Bang) – he was on the end and I walked past him a number of times
  • Daphne Zuniga (Spaceballs) – never saw her once
  • Scarley Byrne (The Originals) – was in line for someone next to her

The ones I missed:

The ones we saw in panels:

Miriam Margolyes – my blog on her is HERE.  I am on a campaign to make her my bestie OR at the very least, my pen pal.

Julian Glover – my blog on him is HERE.

Wallace Shawn – my blog on him is HERE.

Kelwas cool.  He was polite and generous to cleaning staff who stopped to speak to him.  He had a great interaction with a wizard and, of course, Alex.

The Loot:

I found a Henry Winkler trading card which was great because I planned on seeing him at a book festival a few weeks later.  The two toys I nabbed were Pennywise Dorbz and Vito from the Godfather Funko. And because I am “that weirdo”, I picked up a Johnny Carson book (I loved him), a The Waltons book (I watched religiously) and a Captain Kangaroo Little Golden Book because – my inner 12 year old boy could not get over it said Cpt Kangaroo and a Beaver…. sue me.

And, of course there were so many people and things to look at.  Here are some of my favorites (Snape broke my heart a little, my have is Moaning Myrtle):

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