Journal: Morning 27 Jan 2018

This past week I decided to make a concentrated effort on workdays to not start the day by listening to the news. Friday morning I started out with the Weather Channel and then a Wildabeast (and Mrs Wildabeast) dance video, a truck camper video and one Ellen video.  I listened to music on the way to work and made sure to car seat dance more than once.

That experiment was a success and I believe I should carry it over through the new week to see if I can sustain and make it a habit.  Of course I read news and Tweets throughout the day but to START my day with the amount of negativity and animosity heard on the news has become too much of a downer.  Maybe I can approach this as my social media diet.  What you consume (just like food) is fuel for your day.  Why start with the bad stuff.  I want to stay informed, so it will be part of my regular reading.  But I don’t have to go into my day set back on my heels from depressing or angry stories.


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