Personal History: do widzenia

This morning, seven years, four months and a week after Ma’s death, my Daddy is resting next to her once again. Yesterday’s services were a shit show and I know Dad was upstairs laughing crazily over the events and how it all worked out. I will blog about that in detail a little later.  This morning though, I want to think of my parents as resting together, under a shady tree on a knoll in a town where they created a loving family, a safe home and an exemplary life.  My last real duty as a daughter is fulfilled and Dad is buried.  We will continue to work to sell his and Ma’s home.  That is currently in the works.  Once that is complete, the totality of emotion in knowing that I will no longer have anything to take care of for a parent (both or one alone) will crash upon me and for a moment I will be overwhelmed.  My entire adult life I have taken care of things for them, medical and otherwise.  It has been an honor doing so.

Rest easy, my Parents, you are together again.




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