Politics: Letter To Joe Manchin about ACA

This is the email I sent to Joe Manchin on 03/13/2017 at 9:15AM.  I will update if/when he responds.

Mr. Manchin:

Both of my adult children are educators.  One is working toward his second degree and to make his ends meet while maintaining a fulltime student status, he substitute teaches.  The other is an adjunct professor teaching art and also teaches an afterschool art program to young children through the Huntington Museum of Art.  Because of both being considered part time, they are not eligible for health insurance through the schools where they teach.  They rely on ACA because in addition to not being full time (though they put in the hours), they earn wages considered below the poverty level, thereby receiving health insurance through the state of West Virginia’s Medicaid program.

With the frenzy to repeal without adequately replacing, this administration jeopardizes my children’s access to adequate health care (my son is asthmatic, my daughter has cysts on her ovaries that requires birth control to stabilize her hormones and reduce the unimaginable pain she would otherwise endure.)  I am terrified for my children, both hard working, tax paying, contributing (in the most thankless way) citizens.  I would like to know what you, as our “voice” from this state, are doing to ensure that West Virginians who need access to healthcare provided under ACA are not left behind.

I would love to meet with you in person, or on the phone, to discuss my concerns and to address how you are working to protect the people of your state.

Thank you,
Michelle Dolin

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