Documentary: A Good Job: Stories of the #FDNY

My Take: If you are a firefighter, the spouse of a firefighter or are just interested in the profession – I would recommend this documentary to you.  Steve Buscemi interviews members of the FDNY about why they love the job, what it means to them and the aftermath of 09/11.  It broke my heart a number of times, for me the tissue box was close at hand.  The old photos were pretty spectacular.  And that these men are truly a second family to each other is awe-inspiring.  The important stuff…takes place in the kitchen.  Loved this.  I give it an A+.

Some of you might not realize, but Steve Buscemi served on the FDNY for four years with NYC’s Engine 55 in the early 80’s. When 09/11 happened he decided to return to the firehouse and help, where he could.  That included sifting through rubble for twelve-hour days, trying to find any survivors in the rubble.


Currently, Buscemi sits on the board of Friends of Firefighters.  Their Mission Statement is as follows: Friends of Firefighters is dedicated to addressing the physical, mental health, and wellness needs of New York City’s firefighters and their families. Our ongoing mission is to provide long-term support and services through confidential counseling, wellness services, and other assistance required by firefighters and their families.  One of my 48 donations will go to FoF.

The IMDB Plot Summary: Acclaimed actor and FDNY veteran Steve Buscemi looks at what it’s like to work as a New York City firefighter. Utilizing exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and firsthand accounts from past and present firefighters, this special explores life in one of the world’s most demanding fire departments while illuminating the lives of the often “strong and silent” heroes who risk their lives to protect residents and serve the city.  

If you have HBO, you can watch this on HBOGo.  If not, there is always YouTube:


The documentary had an estimated budget of $600,000 and a run time of 60 minutes.  It was released September 8, 2014.





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